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Your Twin Flame Won’t Commit. Should you Have Sex With Someone Else?

Within a Twin Flame Union, here is a unique, spiritual connection between
the two individuals. These connections are predestined, with each person
being the “mirror” of the other, reflecting their strengths and weaknesses
and all the healed and unhealed parts of their shared consciousness.
While on the Twin Flame path, you may come across barriers to your
Union. A common barrier is that one or both Twin Flames isn’t committing
to their Union. Some ask themselves that if their Twin Flame isn’t
committing, then why should they? I’m here to let you know why
Commitment to your Union is crucial to be able to progress on your journey.
Here are some points to Take into account:

  1. Twin Flames: Your Twin Flame is you; you share the same soul. You
    are both yourself, and your Twin Flame, simply 2 different
    expressions of the same soul – The Divine Masculine and the Divine
    Feminine energies.
  2. Commitment Issues: If your Twin Flame won’t commit to a romantic
    relationship, it’s because you are not fully committed to yourself. The
    way that your Twin Flame will commit to you is only if you continue to
    choose to commit to your Union, through all the challenges that you
    may encounter.
  3. Mirror Exercise: The Mirror Exercise, as described in the blog, is a
    valuable tool used to heal all the parts of your Union that don’t feel
    peaceful, and this also includes commitment to self. As you heal your
    commitment issues at the core, you will improve the connection with
    your Twin Flame and they will commit to you. It involves self-
    reflection and healing.
  4. Sexual Energy: When you have sex with someone else it’s a sexual
    energy leak for your own Union, as your Union is a reservoir and as
    you heal, you fill it with energy, magnifying your Twin Flame.
    However, when you leak your sexual energy, you’re draining yourself
    and your Twin Flame of Divine energy, you also accumulate the
    unhealthy patterns of another when you engage in sexual activities
    with them, and you’re pushing your physical Union further and further
    If you are facing challenges with your Twin Flame, it’s a good idea to seek
    guidance from a Certified Ascension Coach, who will guide you in your
    healing. It goes without saying that an Ascension Coach is a very valuable
    and necessary means of support in easily moving through your spiritual
    blocks and tribulations.


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