Voyage In Divine Love

Unveiling the True Source of Abundance

Introduction: In a world that often ties abundance to material possessions, career success, or
familial wealth, this blog invites you to embark on a journey of understanding a profound truth:
God is the ultimate source of abundance. As we delve into this notion, we’ll explore how
recognising and embracing this truth on a soul level can transform not only our relationship with
wealth but also our entire approach to life.

  1. Shifting the Paradigm: Challenge the conventional beliefs that tie abundance solely to
    external factors. Shift your paradigm and explore the truth that God is the true source of
    all abundance, transcending the limitations of earthly measures.
  2. Healing on a Soul Level: Delve into the process of healing and how embracing God as
    the source of abundance is a soul-level transformation. As individuals recognise this
    truth, they begin to release attachments to external sources and open themselves to a
    deeper, more fulfilling connection.
  3. The Illusion of Hoarding: Examine the misconception that hoarding wealth is a pathway
    to abundance. Explore the truth that holding onto resources out of fear sends a message
    to the universe that there isn’t enough, perpetuating a cycle of lack. Suggest a shift
    towards a mindset of abundance through trust in God. This means that you don’t require
    to hoard money to save for retirement, you just simply have to heal your financial blocks,
    choosing God as your source of all.
  4. Growing Abundance Through Love: Highlight the transformative power of love—both
    for God and for fellow beings. Emphasise that expressing this love through one’s God-
    given Life Purpose is the key to growing abundance. As individuals align their actions
    with divine love, they contribute positively to the world. That love they give they give to
    God’s bank of love, and it always returns to them.
  5. Letting Go of External Dependencies: Discuss the freedom that comes from releasing
    the dependence on external factors for happiness and abundance. Find a sense of deep
    trust, security and fulfilment in your connection with God rather than relying on external
  6. Living Your God-Given Life Purpose: Explore the truth that each person has a unique
    purpose in alignment with God’s plan. Discover and live your Life Purpose, as this is a
    powerful way to express love, contribute to the world, and attract abundance. You may
    explore and grow in your Life Purpose by investing in Jeff & Shaleia’s Life Purpose Class:
  7. Faith in God’s Provision: Dive into faith as a cornerstone of recognising God as the
    source of abundance. God is the driver of your eternal life, and you the passenger.
    Always trust in his direction for you, surrendering evermore into his will teach you how to
    lpve more, bring you your freedom and all your good.
    Conclusion: Conclude by reinforcing the transformative power of understanding that God is the
    ultimate source of abundance. As you release the grip on external dependencies and live in
    alignment with love and purpose, you open yourself to a life filled with divine blessings and true abundance.


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