Voyage In Divine Love

"Invite your twin flame into deeper connection by embracing love in your heart now."


As Divine guided you here know that you have attracted the manifestation of the support that you are desiring for your harmonious union with your twinflame. The journey is not only about feeling lost in roller coaster of emotion but to pursue all your dreams with God. Your twinflame is not only your eternal lover they are your channel to coming in union with God. Jeff and Shaleia are my Guru on my twiflame journey. When I was absolutely blinded in grief, their teachings brought back the light in me. The core of twinflame union is about coming in harmonious union with Divine first. The teachings not only made me heal my twinflame upsets but also unlocked my life purpose energy.This journey is so pure and takes you deeper in love and peace only. I founded Voyage In Divine Love to extend this gift of harmonious union in all aspect of your life. Unlock your twinflame harmonious union and live a life with purpose by choosing your healing with VoyageInDivineLove. Its your journey, I am your medium to your harmonious union.

Choose your journey to harmonius union to be fun and easy.

Your TWIN FLAME is your divine counterpart. Both of you are one expression of life in the Yin -Yang energy. Both of you are ONE soul in two bodies. Your Twin Flame is not only your eternal romantic partner they are your best friend, your spiritual spouse & your guru. You can break the barrier between you and the Universe just by coming in harmonious union with your Twin Flame. The love that you treasure in the deepest part of your heart can only be tapped by your Twin Flame. That is how you recognise your beloved among billions even if you are country apart. Your Twin Flame supports you to expand your consciousness and ascend to be one with God naturally. Unfolding of Twin Flame journey is very unique to each Twin Flame pair. You recognise your soul essence and soul purpose just by loving your Twin Flame unconditionally.

VOYAGE IN DIVINE LOVE is dedicated to Twin Flames and believes twin flame harmonious union is achievable in this lifetime. It’s easy to heal your separation and be in harmonious union with your twin flame eternally. Your twin flame is you only, in another body. There is no truth in “your twin flame is choosing to be separated from you”. Your choices are powerful enough to reach your harmonious union. Your twin flame always makes the same choice as you because you are one consciousness, one soul blueprint. Harmonious union is the natural state of being in love and peace. I and my Twin flame are committed to your harmonious union and expansion of your life purpose.

We will provide a safe space for your soul to open up and ascend above the separation in a way that feels comfortable to you. You can release all your Twin Flame triggers with us and manifest your harmonious union in eternal love. Know that you are a powerful being and you manifest as you make choices in unconditional selflove beyond your freewill.  
Whatever may your current emotional state be, the truth is:
  • You can achieve your Twin Flame harmonious union on a fast track.
  • You can heal comfortably and manifest in an easy and fun way.
  • You can unblock the communication channel and develop your telepathic communication with your twin flame.
  • You can ascend to be in union with God by being in your regular life and incorporating the teaching in everyday life.
  • You can experience an absolutely luxurious lifestyle and flourish in love and peace.
  • You can get to know who you are on a soul level and what is your soul blueprint. You can extend your life purpose to the world in a partnership with your Twin Flame.