Voyage In Divine Love

Group Healing Sessions

Twin Flames Harmonious Union Group Coaching
The Twin Flames Harmonious Union Group Coaching is specifically created to support you in remaining within the harmonious union vibration. It’s for those who are committed and determined to manifest harmony in their union by healing their separation consciousness to God.
This particular group coaching allows you to remain in the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union and helps you to stay connected with and in alignment with your inner healing work on a consistent and regular basis.
The group is a safe and open space for you to address any emotions and patterns which are out of alignment with Love & Peace. You receive healing simply by being present in the group session. When you feel to do so you may share with the group what is coming to the surface for you to heal. The calling in your heart shows that yours is the next piece to be healed within our consciousness.
In practicing this work you witness your own breakthroughs and the breakthroughs of other souls who are walking this path along with you. When you choose to embrace your healing, you are flooded with the vibration of Love. Take comfort in knowing that God’s consciousness flows through you and through every being. You heal when others heal as we are all One consciousness.
If you feel a lack in your abundance, The Twin Flames Harmonious Union Group Coaching provides you the best value for money.