Voyage In Divine Love

Akashic Record Reading


“Access To Your Divine Bio Data
The Akashic Records are your soul’s biodata compiled over many lifetimes. Your Akashic Records reveal all of your core blocks to your Harmonious Union and all of the blocks to your Divinity. Your current experience of separation feels miserable due to the negative choices that you made lifetime after lifetime which are stored in your records as blocks. These are energetic blocks that hold you back from your soul’s true expression. The blocks severely hinder the flow of your life force energy. The Akashic Records reveal the blocks to your Divine soul blueprint and they support you in making new choices that align you to your true self. Being in alignment to your true self is the key to your Abundance. Remember your own “”will power”” is the KEY. Feel peace in knowing that no one has power over you. You hold the power of choice. Healing your blocks within and embodying your true energy naturally magnetises your true Twin Flame. Claim your true self, claim your true Twin Flame.
The Akashic Record Reading session includes:
*90 minutes One on One healing session of past lives and core blocks within your current life.
*Revealing your soul’s blueprint and your Life Purpose energy. Knowing who you are at your core.
*Revealing your core blocks to your Harmonious Union.
*Current soul vibration on your soul’s journey & your way forward.
*Divine Steps for your soul’s unique Healing Process.

Complete the Akashic Record Attunement form. The form will automatically appear after making the payment. Please ensure the form is completed accurately. The more precise you are in the information you provide in the form, the clearer the access I will have to your Akashic Records.
Allow up to 2 Weeks for your Akashic Record to be read. *The information received from your Akashic Record back dates to the very moment your soul was first, created until current. So, it’s normal that it can take up to 2 weeks to retrieve.I will then send you an email with the booking link for you to book your 90 minute session with me. The purpose of the session is to heal the core blocks which have been retrieved from your Akashic Records.
You may select a date and time that feels peaceful to you, and provides you with the space to completely focus on your healing. Once you’ve booked the session you’ll receive another email with the active zoom link for our session.